Which Wood Flooring Should I Choose?

When it comes to choosing the right wood flooring for your re-flooring undertaking, a lot will depend on your own personal taste and which room in the home you’re working with. In this guide to which flooring you should select, we will take you on a trip through the house, room by room, providing you with tips and hints about what you want to take into consideration.


Hallways are one area in the home which have a whole lot to contend with, day in and day out. Regardless of whether you are a couple or a family with five or six kids, your hallway is likely to clock up more footfall than any other room in the house. It is for this reason that you need to settle on a wood flooring alternative that’ll stand up to a pretty intense wear and tear. If you do not have under floor heating in your hallway, you’re going to be able to choose between solid or engineered wood flooring. If you have under floor heatingsystem, then designed flooring is the best way ahead. If it comes to finish, both lacquered and oiled finishes have their benefits, but something to keep in mind while you’re planning your hardwood floors for your hallway is to invest in a really effective, high quality doormat to protect your floor.

Lounges or sitting rooms

Because lounges and sitting rooms are likely to have a reasonably easy time when it comes to wear and tear, you should be able to allow your creativity to go quite crazy when choosing your hardwood floors. Based upon the proportions of your room, you are plump for a narrow or a broad board to balance out any space disproportion or to make a stunning visual effect. Either way, the tremendous choice of wood flooring available nowadays will let you choose anything out of an almost white plank into some black board without breaking the budget. This means is that you can create a search for your lounge or sitting room either using the furniture you already have or the furnishings you intend to buy.

Dining rooms

The riding element in any dining room is, unsurprisingly, your table. Quite often nowadays, dining rooms are normally on the side and sometimes will need to double up as a room with a secondary function, including a home office. Either way, you can use your selection of wood flooring to strengthen the style you’re looking for. It may well be that you’re following a light and airy appearance with some shabby chic thrown in; or you might choose to produce a formal and classic looking background for the furnishings. Either way, once more, if you don’t have under floor heating, then you’ll be free to choose between either engineered or solid wood floors and any end you like. When it comes to board width, again you may want to reinforce the proportions of your space or create a funky, out of the box appearance. This chevron flooring is a fairly new and highly stylish option that is very well suited to dining rooms.


Kitchens can be humid and hot spaces, in which temperatures and humidity amounts normally shoot up and down on a daily basis. It is because of this that engineered hardwood floors is, without a doubt the best option for kitchens. When you pick the wood flooring for your kitchen, ensure the finish you select is going to stand up to possible spills and stains in addition to being easy to clean. A top tip for fitting your flooring is to create access to any pipework or drains nice and easy, just incase of leaks or accidents in the future.


Yet again, bathrooms will probably suffer substantial temperature and moisture changes and as a result of that are best fitted with engineered timber flooring. Which option you choose will be based on the look you’re seeking to make, but a number of the whitewashed or distressed options create a beautiful shack design appearance.


Bedrooms would be the perfect place to allow your imagination to go crazy when it comes to wood flooring. You may either choose to have the same wood flooring in each of your bedrooms or pick a theme for every one. You might, as an instance, decide on a dark and designer appearance in 1 room, a mild, whitewashed New England appearance in a different and a hot, honey toned oak affair for the final room. Once again, if you do not have under floor heating, you are going to be able to elect for either solid or engineered wood flooring.

Attic conversions

Attic conversions tend to have quite a lot of sun and can get quite hot in summer time and chilly in winter time in case your roof insulation is not all it should be. Bearing this in mind, it’s probably a sensible option to choose engineered timber flooring so that you don’t have the probability of damage brought on by temperature rises and falls. Another thing to think about in an attic conversion is the finish on your floor. In case you have a lot of sunlight in your attic conversion, then it is well worth buying an UV finish on your floor so it won’t fade with the excess light.

Home offices

Finally, with more and more people deciding to work at home, there’s more and more demand for flooring to accommodate the home office atmosphere. If you are going to spend all your working hours in this area, you should opt for an alternative that pleasures you as well as having the ability to stand up to the wear and tear, especially around the dining room. On the basis that this room isn’t likely to be that large, another benefit is that you can allow your funding go to pot!

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